Hi, my name is

William Knight

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A website I built from scratch using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Perfect opportunity to practice incorporating all three programming languages into an interactive and practical website.
I built this website with the main intention to be able to link all of my work, resume, and social media into one place.

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Front-end project for the website mypropertyisworth.nz

I used the foundation framework to build the bare bones of the website before adding various elements through the help of JavaScript and CSS.
I incorporated Google Maps API to automatically pull addresses from their database, locked to NZ locations only.

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Back-end project for the website mypropertyisworth.nz

Utilizing AJAX xtml requests and DOM manipulation, I was able to execute simultaneous php files at once without affecting the user experience.
I used PHPMailer and created HTML email templates to parse information in from the database that I had setup prior and automatically sent emails to both the user and the admin.

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Web-app I made using React, TailwindCSS, Node.js, and the Spotify-API spotify-profile-app

This was a little hobby project of mine to play around with Spotify API calls and use React, Tailwind, and Node.js technology.

If you would like a demo of the application, send me an email with your name and the email registered to the Spotify account so I can grant you access.

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A Whale Talk project I made from scratch using JavaScript.

This Whale Talk project enabled me to practice converting a string input into a different string.
This project allowed me to play with the .length, .push, .join, .replace, and .toUpperCase methods to filter through the input string.

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